Free calls to Singapore from your landline or mobile lets you make calls to landlines and mobiles in Singapore using your phone’s inclusive minutes. No registration or set-up is necessary, and the service is completely free!

How to call Singapore from the UK

  1. Dial 0330 117 3872
  2. Enter the full Singaporean number you want to call
  3. Press # to start the call

For example, to call the number +65 6424-4200 just dial 0330 117 3872 and enter 6564244200, followed by # — it’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use your service if I don’t get free minutes to UK landlines?
Yes! Calls to 0330 117 3872 should be charged at your normal landline rate, which will probably still be cheaper than calling the international number direct. Check your landline/mobile tariff to see if we can still save you money.
Can I call any number in Singapore?
Unfortunately, there are some numbers we cannot offer free calls to. Calling 0330 117 3872 should be included in your phone contract minutes, so just try a call and see if it connects!
If not, you can still get cheap calls to Singapore for next to nothing with our parent company,
Can I use your service to call other countries?
Yes! We offer free calls to the countries below. For anywhere else try for cheap international calls around the world.
What’s the catch? How does earn any money?
We can offer this as a free service because we receive a small amount of money when you call our access numbers, even when you are not being charged.